What happens when you fill a conference room with education policy experts, teacher trainers, designers, film makers, legal experts, incredible teachers, and one senior advisor to Arne Duncan? And you give them all a bunch of coffee? A few weeks ago, we decided to find out.

This year, TSP gathered all these amazing people together for our first-ever Summit. Experts came from all over the country for a day of intense brainstorming, strategizing, planning, and a literally too many “a-ha moments” to count.
The entire group of folks (including Teachers of the Year, educators, a principal, political workers—even two attorneys and some rock stars) focused on ways to stay committed to the four key areas of the Teacher Salary Project: storytelling, advocacy, research and social justice while digging into projects that are measurable and attainable (and exciting!).
Stay tuned—this Summit generated a ton of great ideas and killer strategies—and we’re excited to share them with you in the coming months.*

A huge thanks goes to all the participants, and especially Jim Wagstaffe for coming up with this idea and for making it a reality!

*Spoiler alert: we have two films coming out very, very soon,and we think they will knock your socks off!