Our guest of honor at this year’s Summit was the inspiring, Brad Jupp, Mr. Jupp currently serves as a senior program advisor on teacher initiatives to Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. Mr. Jupp has fifteen years of teaching experience under his belt—and was instrumental in turning Denver Public Schools into the first major school district in the U.S. to pay teachers based on students’ performance.

We pressed Mr Jupp on his work with the Denver schools, on national educational priorities, questions of pay and on elevating the perception of teachers in America. Mr. Jupp also participated in the day’s strategy and brainstorming sessions, offering his invaluable experience to a whole host of activities.

We are so grateful for Mr. Jupp’s participation and are excited to implement his ideas in our upcoming projects. We want to thank Mr. Jupp for making the trek to give our meeting real gravitas. Thank you!