Governors' Challenge

Teachers, education policy makers, leaders, parents, students and celebrities from across the country have joined The Teacher Salary Project in asking our fifty governors what they are doing to recruit and retain the best teaching force that can most effectively serve their states' students.  We’ve sent each governor a packet of resources  - including a copy of American Teacher – with suggestions for small and large steps they can take to make teaching the financially attractive, prestigious, and sustainable profession it deserves and needs to be.

We are tracking our governors’ responses and hope leaders across the country will be inspired to adopt one another’s brave and innovative approaches to elevate the teaching profession by increasing teachers’ salaries. Where does your state stand? Click to track your governor’s progress on teacher pay.


**If your leadership does, in fact, have a plan to improve teacher pay, please contact us so we can change your state's rating and highlight the plans to draw in talented teachers and support and retain them.

Wish there were more happening in your state? You can help! Check out our action guide to learn how you can help raise pay for teachers in your state.