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Preorder the DVD of American Teacher now and receive your DVD in early December – just in time for the holidays!

The official release date for this DVD will be February 14, 2012.

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The $295 price includes limited performance rights which allow the purchaser (K-12 school, library, university, museum, or other educational institution) to screen the film for groups of 50 or less. These rights are guaranteed in perpetuity for the life of the copy. No admission can be charged and screenings may not be open to the public.

To purchase this version of the DVD, please download this PDF form, fill it out, and return it to Nicole Baer at First Run Features.

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The New York Times–bestselling book Teachers Have It Easy: The Big Sacrifices and Small Salaries of America’s Teachers is a landmark work examining how bad policy makes teaching unsustainable. Interweaving teachers’ voices from across the country with hard-hitting facts and figures, the book presents a clear-eyed view of the harsh realities of public school teaching. With a look at the problems of recruitment and retention, the realities of educators’ typical work weeks, and shocking examples of how society views America’s teachers, Teachers Have It Easy explores some of the best ways to improve public education. Since its initial publication by The New Press in 2005, Teachers Have It Easy has been reprinted several times and attracted the attention of millions of educators and policy-makers nationwide. It appeared on C-SPAN and NPR’s Marketplace and made The New York Times extended bestseller list. Indeed, the response to the book was so strong that Nínive Calegari and Pulitzer Prize finalist Dave Eggers wanted to share these stories in a visual way—and to bring the kinds of amazing people and facts from the book to a wider audience to effect real and lasting change for teachers.